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This website is typeset in some of the Hershey fonts designed by Dr. Allen Vincent Hershey, which have a fascinating history you can learn about here. Their original form is sets of grid coordinate points, which you can outline using a chosen stroke to generate letterforms. I use a few fonts generated this way and converted to modern font formats by Luuse (more info here). The main sans-serif used throughout the site is confusingly just called “help me” — still not really sure what’s going on there but I love the font. The serif is Hershey Old French, and it doesn’t have an italic so for now I’m using Hershey Times Duplex, which I believe is derived from Times New Roman.


This website is built using Eleventy, which I highly recommend as a static site generator — it gives me a ton of flexibility in terms of template formats and data handling, and has just been such a pleasure to use for multiple projects. I’m leaving the repo private for now but let me know if you’re interested in any aspect of the code.


I've written a bit about my intentions and hopes for this site here. The design is an evolution of my first self-coded website. As with that first site, there was a kind of unbridled joy in designing and programming1 this site — I frequently found myself losing track of time, staying up through the night experimenting with different ideas, as if I was playing an immersive video game.

There are benefits and detriments to designing purely under self-imposed constraints — I don’t have a sense yet of what is working well and what is less successful, but I’m pushing the site live both with the expectation that I will revise things in the future, and the assurance that ultimately the personal fulfillment I’ve gained is what matters.